Corporate gifting, whether it’s for internal or external recipients, holds significant influence as it develops an emotional bond between the receiver and the company. It shows that you are willing to exceed expectations in conveying gratitude to your clients, customers, and team members by developing a significant point of connection with them. Hence, incorporating corporate gift option into business growth strategy could achieve great outcomes.

According to latest statistics of corporate gifting industry, 66% people prefer thoughtful and meaningful gifts over generic gifts, no matter how expensive they are. This suggests that consumers are ready to pay extra for a personalized gift which may lead to higher profits for businesses that offer
customized gift options.

However, many companies face challenges in defining an ideal approach for corporate gift-giving such as which trends the business should follow or from where to purchase relevant products. In this article, we will tell you how corporate gifts can contribute to your company’s long-term success. We will also suggest you some popular gifting ideas that will help you achieve your business goals.

How corporate gifting is beneficial for business growth?

Bolsters business relationships:

The most significant advantage of corporate gifting lies in its ability to bolster business relationships,both within the company and with external parties. By sending business gifts, employees and clients feel appreciated and recognized. Their association with the company is not just important but critical for business growth, therefore they should be treated like an asset.

Creates new business relationships:

Corporate gifting can play a vital role in creating and nurturing new business relationships with potential clients. Nowadays, cold calling alone is not sufficient as clients, especially new or potential ones, expect personalized experiences from companies. Corporate gifting meets this expectation and lays the foundation for building a strong business relationship.

Promotes brand awareness:

It is possible for a new business to get lost in a market that is saturated with so many high-end brands and companies, vying for customer attention. Corporate gifting approach can make your brand stand out in a highly competitive industry and increase your brand awareness. In addition, it promotes a sense of loyalty that leads to long-lasting client relationships and sustained employee engagement.

Enhances employee productivity and retention rate:

When you recognize and reward an employee’s contributions to your business, it reduces the likelihood of him searching for other employment options. It would lead to an increased employee retention rate. Moreover, company-branded gifts and rewards have proven to enhance their productivity.

Boost morale:

Corporate gift-giving brings joy to clients, partners, and employees. Although this benefit may seem simplistic or an obvious outcome, however, the happiness of both employees and clients is vital to company’s success and financial growth. Satisfied employees are more productive and tend to stay with companies for a longer period of time. Similarly, happy clients help generate more revenue and enhance long-term growth opportunities of the businesses.

Popular gifting ideas

Company-branded gifts:

Company-branded gifts are the most popular kind of business gifts for everyone, whether the recipient is your employee, a client or even a partner. This works for all!
A few examples of such gifts include company-branded notebooks, pens, water bottles, keychains, paperweights, and tee shirts. To make an everlasting impression, consider elevating your gift-giving game by thinking of some innovative and high-quality gift items that align with your brand.

Customized gift boxes:

Customized gift boxes are not only eye-catchy and fun to unwrap, but they also provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop a personal connection with the gift recipient. As remote work option becomes more prevalent, there has been an increase in corporate gifting companies that focus on creating customized gift boxes for employees and clients. For example, if your team members are complaining about suffering from back pain due to sitting on office chairs for longer hours, a considerate back pain relief box could be a perfect solution!

Gift basket:

The gifting companies offer a wide range of gift basket options to choose from. They range from sweet treats to self-care products. This is an excellent way to boost the recipient’s morale and also to show him/her that you care about his/her wellbeing. In addition, gift baskets are an ideal way to establish new relationships with sales prospects or function as a significant touchpoint with existing clients.

Giveaway simple items:

Simple gift items still have a huge impact on creating a positive experience. Even small gestures like offering a $10 dollar gift voucher at the end of a meeting or sending a box of exquisite chocolates to the top-performing employee or client of the month, can create a cheerful moment and show appreciation.

Lastly, corporate gifting can be an effective long-term business growth strategy that contributes to building strong business relationships, increasing brand recognition, improving employee and customer retention rates, and providing a competitive advantage.

Published On: April 17th, 2023 /